Sunday, January 1, 2012

Six New Year Resolutions for 2012

I could write that I am going to try blogging on a weekly basis again. Perhaps if I realized that my blog entries don’t always have to be so long or profound or even very good, they will be easier to do. Okay, I’ve convinced myself. Weekly blog added to the list.

I could write that I want to start writing seriously again but my writing forte seems to be writing humorously instead. Hum, maybe I could sum this resolution up with a wonderfully wise cliché “Go with the Flow.” Add both to the list.

I could write that I’m going to get rid of all the clutter and dust bunnies in my house but whom I am kidding? Not anyone who knows me and you know what, they still like me anyway so this will not be on my list. Aw, on second thought, it is going on the list. Maybe if I have less clutter and dust bunnies, my creative thoughts needed for writing won’t have so many places to hide.

Okay, so I have now added 4 items to my 2012 New Year Resolutions. Top of the list is the one resolution I vow not to break because it seems to be working for me. Keep on doing what I’ve been doing! I’ve been going to my exercise class twice a week (except for the holiday weeks), I have been spending more time with dear friends, and I have been making new ones. The only way I could possibly improve that would be to exercise even more, and spend more time with both old and new friends. Another New Year Resolution and cliché to add to the list – forget moderation, go for the gusto.

Well, that’s done. My New Year resolutions for 2012. I think they are going to be doable except the one that was caused by a grammatical error. Did you catch it? No, not that one! This one: “more” and “exercise” do not go together. Not in my world but then anything is possible and who knows what 2012 will bring! So Happy New Year all and may 2012 bring you the very best of health and happiness!

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  1. Happy New Year and good luck with all your new and ongoing resolutions.