Sunday, April 10, 2011


This Saturday, like most Saturdays, I met friends for breakfast at the Neighborhood Cafe. It’s a family-owned restaurant like the kind that once thrived in small town American where the owners/waitresses go out of their way to learn your name and greet you with a smile and a steaming cup of coffee. If your coffee cup needs refilling and you see they are busy, they’ve got no problem with you getting up and helping yourself. “Just leave us the tip,” the waitress will tease. It’s a feel-good place.

Since a friend of my friends had flown in from Chicago this Saturday morning, she joined us at the Neighborhood Cafe. After breakfast, we three gals headed off to have massages. Full and content from good food, good company, and good conversation peppered with bouts of laughter (mostly at me), the relaxing massages pretty much finished us off. Nap time.

That evening we three gals went to Dallas to get our hair colored, cut and styled by our own personal stylist. (Doesn’t that have a nice to ring to it?) We four gals (the stylist being a friend also) wiled the time away talking books, dating, tattoos, and neck lifts. Three hours later we were tired but gorgeous gals. I’m mad at myself because I didn’t think to take a snapshot of us to capture that feel-good moment. It isn’t often I feel pretty and my two pups didn’t take time to compliment me as they raced for the back door to go outside when I finally got home at 11:30 p.m.

One of my friends and supporter, David, commented at breakfast yesterday that my last blog was a bit of a downer. He was right. I was tired of whining about getting older and yet I didn’t know what other subject to blog about. My life isn’t that interesting and I even considered giving up blogging. This week thanks to David, Lesly, Alexis, and Oprah, I know what I want now. The feel-goods instead. Not just blogging about them, but finding more of them to add to my life. This Saturday was a heck of a good start.

The latest Oprah magazine was in my mail box yesterday when I came home to nap. It’s theme is, “Live, Love & Thrive All the Way to 95!” and “O’s Guide To Aging Beautifully.” Just what I needed. More tools and inspiration for feel-goods. Okay, I know she didn’t write it for me but hey, Oprah’s getting older too and we know she’s not going down without a fight! lol

I also discovered an awesome website with an interactive online journal by Christina Carlino, creator of the beauty brand Philosophy. It is for all women of all ages and I’ve added to my Favorites. I hope you check it out.


  1. Well, I am all for feedback from friends. Having a friend who will tell us when our fly is unzipped is the best! But, I have to say that even when you aren't happy as a clam you can write. If I only wrote when happy I would likely never write. :0 For me it is a process. I long to learn how to express myself when happy. I hope to learn from you as you embark on this journey!

    P.S. Is Oprah a friend? I would like to meet her. :)

  2. Sounds like a great day! That renewal feeling is valuable. Glad you shared it with us!