Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bah Humbug

When I started this blog, I knew enough to know that I was supposed to have a theme or a platform or a cause that I believed in. I also knew that a good writer writes about what they know best so I chose the aging baby boomer angle. I seem to be aging quite nicely with wrinkles, sags, and cricks and all of the in-betweens so it seemed appropriate.

Now I wish I hadn’t now. No, I don’t the mean the aging part – I’m still looking forward to doing more of that but hopefully without any more wrinkles, sags, and cricks although I know that’s impossible. What I do mean is that I am getting bored with the subject. Heck, if I’m really lucky, I could be writing about this same old dull subject for another twenty years!

Another reason I’m tired of this subject is that I’m getting tired of reminding myself on a weekly basis that I am getting to be an old lady. I have enough reminders each day that I look into the mirror or hear my faint “ugh” when I get into my car. Even my mailbox shouts on an almost daily basis “Hey, lookie, here’s another Medicare candidate coming around the bend,” with onslaughts of brochures on Medicare insurance supplement carriers. I had no idea how popular I’d become when I turn 65. Woo hoo.

There’s a stubborn and rebellious streak in me (surprised, anyone). I don’t like being labeled and that’s what we baby boomers are allowing to happen. Newspapers, statistics, and financial planners constantly bombard us with doomsday reports. Just read today’s Star-Telegram’s column in the Financial Section about retirement. We’re either too old to work or can’t find a job because of our age and we’re all going to become bag ladies because we didn’t save enough to retire. Bah humbug.

What brought me to this point, besides boredom and rebellion with a dash of denial, is a comment that Maya Angelou made recently on OWN’s Master Class presentation. I was surfing at the time so didn’t have a chance to tape it or even catch the beginning of her comment. As I stood listening to her talk about how the 60’s had been wonderful, the 70’s had been even more wonderful, I assumed that she was talking about the decades. Then I heard her say something about that the 80’s were going to be great too; that she was working on a new poem and had just finished a new book. I know I don’t have the words correct, but I sure and heck got the message correct.

So gee, what I am going to blog about now if it’s not about being an aging baby boomer? My adorable dogs, my friends, a new beau, or the book I’m going to finish? Any suggestions?

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  1. I will soak up anything you blog about. I thought of you enviously this Sunday when I was lugging another suitcase down another flight of stairs at a hotel thinking of you sitting with your cup of coffee beside your computer......entertaining me. :)