Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blogging & Butterflies

Blogging is work, I’m discovering. I set my timeline for Sunday once- a week-postings. You’d think that would make it easier, not having to come up with either wisdom, humor, truth and just plain good writing more than once a week. I remember the days when I could sit down to the computer after an eight-hour demanding job, followed by a one-to-two-hour commute from hell, allow brief playtime with the hubby, dog, and cat before cooking whatever was the quickest for supper, clean up the mess, and write a 5,000 word short story that I knew was a candidate for any top literary press smart enough to recognize my wordsmithing talent. As the old song cliche goes, those were the days, my friends. So what happened to me? Sure, I got older and that’s good thing, something I would like to keep on doing, but my daily demands are less now, my commute shorter by an hour or so. Since writing isn’t necessarily a physical task, it can’t be that the muscle tone and strength that I’ve lost so maybe it’s the brain cells? Naw, can’t be. Just ask my friends who should pay me for the entertainment I provide with my oral dyslexia.
Blogging is work because we have to write about ourselves, explore the events of our day or week with honesty as well as style. Sometimes, if we are lucky, life is uneventful. If we are more than lucky, are blessed with family and dear friends, our lives interweave and our particularly mundane day or week is brightened by their joys or shadowed by their sorrows and pain. And as we get older, it seems that more days are spent in the shadows than we’d like. Yet, as I write this, the morning sun is reaching out to me, chasing the shadows away so that I can see golden butterflies. Hang in there, Soul Sister! The butterflies are coming.

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  1. Writing can definitely be tough if you feel like you HAVE to. If its something which interests you, it doesn't feel like work. It sounds like you have plenty of interesting things to write about, and of course theres always current events. Thanks for sharing!

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