Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blank Sheet

Yesterday, while I was trying to write this week’s post to my blog, I went totally blank. I had nothing to say and, for those who know me well, that’s quite unusual. It scared me. Both as a writer and as a leader-of-the-pack baby boomer. Then when I woke this morning, my mind racing on what to write for today’s entry, I panicked again. OMG! I have no life! The fact that the past week was mostly a sheet of blinding rain and that a close friend was going through an especially hard time last week with both her divorce and her health didn’t play into the picture. Nor did I consider that having a rather boring, non-eventful week isn’t necessarily bad.

Desperate for inspiration and tending to do things backwards, I goggled the term “blog” early this morning. Just as I feared—I am writing a “personal” blog which means I can’t hide behind my fictional characters as I love to do. It also indicates that, by nature of doing a blog, I must be a rather self-absorbed individual, a huge no-no taught to us by our parents who grew up in the real depression era.

But that was never my intent. I wanted this blog to explore the unique concerns and situations that we original baby boomers might find ourselves in—by writing sometimes with introspection, inspiration, ranting, and all done with a dash of humor whenever possible. I also realized from reading other blogs that I admire that it doesn’t have to be “all me”. So for today, I’m calling in the professionals just for us gals (sorry guys, maybe next time). There is an excellent essay by Terri Kirby Erickson on Boomer Café titled Aging Gratefully. The web address is: It’s what I needed to hear today. Maybe you need to hear it too. If not, enjoy anyway.

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  1. I struggle with the thought of a blog being a rather self-absorbed endeavor, as well. But looking at you through my eyes I see it as an incredible gift to those who lean on your words for their encouragement, motivation and inspiration (which I do)....and that is the farthest thing from selfish! So...keep writing. And I will keep reading. :)